Saturday, October 4, 2008

Debating Politics

I am a very active debater. I love to talk politics. It is so much fun to me and I learn so much. I love hearing opposing views and doing the best I can to refute them. In argumentative situations there are do's and don'ts.
Do allow the other person to make their point.
Don't interrupt.
Do offer valid points and counterpoints.
Don't use slippery slope or straw man arguments.
Do know what you are talking about.
Don't speak if you know not the subject.
Do use facts.
Don't use talking points.

When ever you get into a debate about politics, speak of your opinions, never use the words you hear on TV or in the news or on political campaigns. If a person asks you a question about your party or candidate, answer it. Stop using the "oh Yeah. well what about their party or candidate. Answer the f' ing question asked. There is nothing so ignorant to me as when I ask and their come back is a talking point or an attack on my belief. There is no way you can enlighten a person as to what it is you believe in if you never tell them what it is or why you believe in it.
I am irritated when watching the 2 parties debate on TV after a big event. It is just ridiculous. It's like watching 4th graders in the school yard. Na na na na boo boo. After watching the VP debate, I was astounded that everyone was going so ga ga over the fact that Sarah Palin didn't fall on her face. Well, I for one, feel like she did. I saw an antagonistic, undereducated, semi-illiterate, unjustifiable excuse for a candidate. She has no grasp of the English language, and doesn't understand the difference between NUCLEAR and NUCULAR. I have cringed for 8 years as our current President has butchered the English language and cannot believe that they want me to go through this again.
Her demeanor, her winks, her talkin' strait to the people of Amairaker bullshit was offensive to me. If there is a "g" on the end of a word...use it. For sure, golly gee, gosh darn it.
IF I WANTED THE GROCERY STORE CHECK OUT GIRL TO RUN THE COUNTRY I ASK HER TO RUN MYSELF. I want an educated person that has a grasp of the English language, who doesn't try to play cutesy when they don't have a good answer for me, and does not speak of the American Public as Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms.
I wrote this before the SNL skit...Man they nailed it!

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