Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Surge Is Working

That is one of the most ludicrous talking points out there. What are they gauging this by? The fact that there is less violence now does not mean it is working. The 911 attack on America was done to destroy the American Economy. Every one thought it was over when the stock market crashed on Feb 16th 2002. What they didn't know is that the terrorist knew the Arrogant Americans will buy anything from their government if they call it "The War On". Think about it, The War On Drugs...The War on Terror, The War on Poverty, and The War on Crime. All those three words preceding anything the government wants to go after mean, is that they will get an open checkbook from the people of America. After all if you care about your country, you want to win all of these battles.
So Bin Laden attacks us, our supposed conservative Republican Party comes to power, and proceeds to spend 10 billion dollars a month on a war against "TERROR". There is no uniformed enemy, no face, no locale, just a word...Terror. Now the open checkbook that can be spent on anything! The terrorists knew that if they did this they could watch our country destroy its own economy by chasing their own tail and spending every penny they had to prove that we are "Right". They are laughing at our stupidity, 10 billion a month! Isn't that amazing, Since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, Congress has approved $691 billion to pay for the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. So was it really the fault of the lenders, the buyers who couldn't afford to buy homes, the big CEO's salaries, Clinton for changing the lending rules so that there were different rules for investment banks and savings banks? I contend no! If there wasn't this war, there wouldn't be these problems.
Even I understand the basics of economics. If you set your budget up based upon what you can afford, and an unexpected expense comes up, you must choose which expense is more important and sacrifice one. Instead our government decided that "the fundamentals of the economy were sound" so they could just keep writing bad checks to both causes. These blind mice lead all of the United States into a giant mouse trap and we all followed like lemmings jumping off of the cliff in unison.
I am not saying which the most important cause was, I am just saying that during the entire Bush Administration, interest rates stayed as low as they have ever been in history, and the War has continued without regard for how much it will cost. We are being told we cannot stop until we achieve victory. Well, ask yourself what is going to be the gauge of victory. I believe that victory has already been accomplished, by the terrorist. They have destroyed our economy which was their goal. Now if you listen to what our government is saying, they believe they can still achieve a victory in the physical battles. So we are bigger and stronger than you...WOW. Kind of sounds like the schoolyard bully to me. He comes from a broken home, has no money, no education, and has a very false high opinion of himself, but if you want to fight, he can beat you up.
It is the constant barrage of "Patriotism, Country First, Flag waving" politics that have duped Americans into believing that we are right and the rest of the world is wrong giving us a very false high opinion of ourselves, that have broken our homes, broken our banks, and lead us to become a nation that other countries look at and shake their heads wondering what the hell are they thinking. But don't worry folks...we can just beat them up!

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Samantha said...

I first heard "the surge is working" during the speeches at the RNC and I thought "what? it is? since when?" Now every time I hear McCain/Palin say the surge is working I find myself wondering if this is one of those big lies that they're hoping we believe after they say it a few thousand times. Scary times.