Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bail Out

Doesn't it seem ironic that companies want a Capitalistic Government when they are doing well in the market but then want a Socialistic Government when they get in trouble?
Really, I do get it. I can relate because I have been on both sides of the spectrum in my life when I struggled, and when I have had more fortunate times. That is why I am so against the ideology of the Republican Platform. You would think that more people would get this, and with the way things are going maybe they will. It really depends on just how we get out of this mess.
I am fearful and skeptical of the McCain move to "Suspend" his campaign to get back to work. The skeptisism comes from knowing that he is slipping in the polls and needs to distance himself from the attitude that his party was responsible for the "do nothing" government to create this mess. On the other hand if he goes back and they do accomplish something, albeit they will come up with something even if he isn't there, he will come out boasting the propaganda that he went in and saved the world while the other candidates sat back and did nothing.
This is nothing but politics as usual and again, the public fails to see it.
We really do need a change. I again will say it is not necessarily Obama, but this country is in a mess and if we keep going along with the tide, we will end up like every other great society and come tumbling down.

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