Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Values

Republicans are Christains. Focus on the family Christian group were selling Obama Waffles http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hNafTsdlgbSZ8YMoFRDSgrVlEwGwD936205O0at a recent political forum. Before you laugh, take a look at the box, especially the back. It shows Obama in a turban like he is a Muslim. These are Christians. The front is just as bad with the racist depiction.Well I guess they just haven't gotten to the part in the bible about casting stones and bearing false witness, or even the treating others as you would like yourself. None the less, I am still searching for the Christian draw to this party. Where did Christ say go fourth and tell everybody what they can and cannot do? Christ taught through example, he said GOD FIRST, not country, he said Family second, not country. I really want to be un-biased here but I cannot find anything good to say about the actions of these self proclaimed Christians. It is like the white version of Rev. Wright has been instructing these people..I am not saying Obama is the answer, I am saying how can I believe in any party the professes family values and Christianity, then goes out and does these things. The hipocracy is astounding.
They have their role model, candidate for President who admitted to affairs when he was married and then divorced his wife of 14 years for the newer younger version. There are claims that the imprisionment in Vietnam, or the accident his wife had lead to the divorce but his first wife put it simply that John had turned 40 and just wanted to be 25 again.
All of these claims that are coming out of the Religious Right and the Family Values Party are just lip service. It just seems to me they are so much for the rights of children and their right to life before they are born, but once they are born, they must fend for themselves. After all we can't be paying for all of these welfare children.

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