Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What the heck is going on here

As I sit and ponder the current political landscape I am in a bit of a quandry. Being raised a Catholic I was told that my vote must be for a pro-life candidate. In as much as I believe in pro-life, I have come to believe that just because they say they are pro-life doesn't mean they will do anything about it.
If we look at history, we have Nixon, who was in office when Roe v Wade was passed...republican. Next came Ford...republican. Then there was Reagan, twice...republican. After that there was Bush Sr...republican followed by Bush 2, Twice..republican. That gives us 25 years of republican presidencies with currently 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices having been appointed by Republicans.
So why then haven't they changed the law? Do they really have any intention of doing so? Are people so dense that they can't understand that politicians say things so that they can get elected but when it comes to real issues and having to actually do something, there is no interest in what we the people want? Abortion is a talking point, a tool that has been used by the republican party since Roe v Wade to assure that they get their votes.
This is a classic example. People need to start thinking for themselves, voting based upon more than one point, and understand that they do have a say but they must actually get up and say it.


Samantha said...

Well Daddio, if republicans overturned roe v wade or ban gay marriage, how on earth would they ever get elected again?

Randy said...

My only point is if Obama was a republican, I would vote for him. Heck, even if he was John F Kennedy Democrat, I would vote for him. Unfortunately, the Dems have gone waaaay too far left for me to consider him. The right to me is closer to my values, and it is not even that close.

Brother Randall